The Stayer Group is formed by Stayer Ibérica, Imaport, Abrasivos Grinding y Oscar Diamant. In 2007 Stayer Italia was constituted.

Imaport S.A., constituted in January of 1976 as a marketing company of machinery for wood, metal and construction, has been the distributor of Stayer electrical power tools machinery in Spain until January 1989, when it is constituted Stayer Iberica SA, becoming in little time in the first turnover client in of the company Stayer SpA, becoming the Spanish market the second most important after the Italian.

Abrasivos Grinding S.A, constituted in December 1987 for the marketing of abrasive discs, creates in the early 90s the Oscar Diamant brand, for the sale of diamond discs, launching in 2000 the first factory of diamond disk of the Group localized in Madrid. Six years later, in summer of 2006 opens the first factory, provided with greater automation at all stages of manufacturing and with the latest technology generation in pressing volume and laser welding. Subsequently already entered the 2007 wa began the installation of a laboratory for studying and analyzing both, raw materials and final product, with the collaboration of the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid in the development of new products.

In 2005 Stayer Ibérica S.A. acquires all assets of the company Stayer Italia SpA, trademark, patent, productive machinery, stock, etc. ... Since then began an ambitious project that begins with the transfer of all installations, productive machinery and our existing stock to our central installations in Madrid as to a plant in northern Italy. It continues with the recovery of the original molds from Stayer for the fabrication pieces of cast aluminium, iron, plastic, as well as the development of numerous R & D projects to improve existing products and for new products developed in the period 2006/2008.

In 2007 a significant portion of resources are devoted to the launch of the lab, continuation of the existing one in Stayer SpA. This is itself a laboratory for quality control and conformance tests according to European directives for the application.


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Certified Quality

All Group companies are in possession of ISO 9001 quality certificates endorsed by their professionalism and experience in the sector and ensure it meets the highest demands of our customers.

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